Tunnel remote port to local via SSH

Just a note for myself: to access a closed port from remote machine via SSH, do the following:

ssh user@server.com -N -L <local_port>:localhost:<server_port>

Here local_port will be opened on current machine so you will be able to connect to localhost:<local_port> as if you tried to open localhost:<server_port> on the server.

With -N part it will just connect to server and forward the port, without opening shell.

For more info you can always consult man ssh =)


RightJS RTE bookmarklet

Inspired by Ace bookmarklet, I wrote bookmarklet for RighJS RTE. It’s a WYSIWYG editor if you didn’t know.

To add a bookmarklet, you need to create regular bookmark first, and then change the url to the following javascript code (you can also see formatted version in the second gist):


To activate RTE on the textarea, first click on the bookmarklet and then double-click on the textarea.

Here you can test it right away:


Happy New Year!


Yay! Finally I transfered my domain to GoDaddy =)
Prices are very good here =)
I’ll try to move another my domain here too.
It is long operation that takes about 5 days, but I didn’t think that it’s not that hard =)


On tumblr now

Hello, everyone! =)

Still trying to be a blogger. Hope with tumblr that would be easier.